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How do I register?
I have registered, but haven't received an email confirmation with my customer number.
How do I make a call?
Do I still pay line rental?
How much will I be charged for my calls?
I made a 5 minute call abroad at 3p per minute, but have been charged more than 10p. How is this possible?
When do call charges take effect?
Are there peak and off-peak rates?
How can I be certain at which tariff I will be charged?
The advertised tariff is different than the tariff message. Which one is correct?
How can 18866 keep their rates so low?
I think I have been charged incorrectly
Can I call a destination not included in your country list?
Am I able to use 18866 if I'm with Talk Talk, NTL or Telewest?
Am I able to use 18866 if I am already registered with Alpha or Onetel?
I got the message I'm on a BT light user scheme
What do I do when I'm still unhappy?
My calls are automatically routed through another provider, but I pay line rental to BT. Can I still use 18866?
I use a router box from another provider. Can I still use 18866?
I live abroad. Can I still use your service?
Can I register for a pre-select system whereby all my calls will automatically go through 18866?
Can a company (with or without switchboard) sign up?
Can I access the internet via 18866?
Can I use 18866 for calls to 08 or 09 numbers?
Can I use 18866 from my mobile or a payphone?
Do you provide router boxes?
What kind of payment methods do you offer?
How will my calls be invoiced?
Will I receive an invoice by post?
Where can I view and change my 18866 customer or bank details?
How do I register another telephone number?
I have lost my 18866 customer number. What should I do?
Can I become an agent for 18866?
How do I unsubscribe?
"Fair use policy (FUP)" what does that mean?