I think I have been charged incorrectly
18866 calls are subject to a connection fee of 5p. A 10 minute call to a destination charged at 3p per minute will therefore cost 5p connection + 30p call charges = 35p.

Also bear in mind that you may have called an international mobile number without realising; calls to mobile numbers are usually more expensive. Please listen carefully to the free tariff message played before each call you make. The tariff message is the exact rate you will be charged plus the 5p connection fee. This tariff message is free of charge, therefore if you hang up before your call is connected, you will not be charged a penny. You can also check our pricelist (for calls from BT lines). Please also note there is a separate pricelist for NTL, Telewest, other non-BT landline and mobile customers. For all rates from non-BT lines please click here.

If you are calling from a mobile using the 020 number you may also be charged for the 020 call by your mobile provider. 020 calls may come out your inclusive free minutes or your mobile operator may charge separately for calls to 020 numbers depending on your operator and tariff plan; please check with your mobile operator for correct rates.

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