Can I use 18866 from my mobile or a payphone?
Unfortunately you cannot use 18866 from a payphone but mobile customers can use our dedicated 020 81 803 803 access number. Just register your mobile number!
From mobiles* dial 020 81 803 803, wait for the voiceprompt and enter the follow-on telephone number. After dialling the follow-on telephone number do NOT press the green "send" button on your mobile again otherwise the call may be carried by your mobile operator! . For example: dial 020 81 803 803 -wait for voiceprompt- 001 818 456 4567.

* 020 calls from mobiles may come out your inclusive free minutes or your mobile operator may charge separately for calls to 020 numbers depending on your operator and tariff plan; please check with your mobile operator for correct rates.

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