How do I make a call?
It is very easy to use 18866. Once you have registered your telephone number and payment details you can start using 18866 immediately.

From any BT landline:
Just dial the 18866 Indirect Access code before each call to benefit from our low price tariffs. For example, to call the USA you first dial 18866, (do not pause) then the country code 001, followed by the subscriber number i.e. 18866 001 818 456 4567. Do not wait for a voiceprompt to enter the telephone number; just enter the complete telephone number immediately after dialling 18866.

From non-BT landlines:
Dial 0808 1 701 701, wait for the voiceprompt and enter the follow-on telephone number. For example: 0808 1 701 701 -wait for voiceprompt- 001 818 456 4567.

From mobiles*:
Dial 020 81 803 803, wait for the voiceprompt and enter the follow-on telephone number. After dialling the follow-on telephone number do NOT press the green "send" button on your mobile again otherwise the call may be carried by your mobile operator!

* 020 calls from mobiles may come out your inclusive free minutes or your mobile operator may charge separately for calls to 020 numbers depending on your operator and tariff plan; please check with your mobile operator for correct rates.

Please note that when you call a local number you should still dial the complete area code and subscriber number i.e. if you are in London and would like to make a call inside London: 18866 020 7210 1234 or 0808 1 701 701 -voiceprompt- 020 7210 1234.

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