Do I still pay line rental?
Yes you will still pay line rental to BT as usual. Only when you dial 18866 before your call will you be invoiced by Call18866 and not BT.

BT will not charge you for dialling the 18866 code, therefore the 18866 code will not appear on your BT bill. Any calls made without the 18866 code, line rental and select services like call waiting will still be charged by BT.

For non-BT customers using 0808 1 701 701 the principle is the same; you will still pay your line provider for line rental and any other select services, only calls made using the 0808 number will be invoiced by Call18866.

If you are a mobile customer using the 020 81 803 803 number you may also be charged for the 020 call by your mobile provider. 020 calls may come out your inclusive free minutes or your mobile operator may charge separately for calls to 020 numbers depending on your operator and tariff plan; please check with your mobile operator for correct rates.

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