For all your (international) calls from the UK, simply use the 18866-prefix. We offer much lower rates than our competitors, check our website for the details.
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We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease or otherwise transfer any personal information collected through our software or service to any third party outside our network.

Information you provide or we hold about you may be used by us to contact you by any means (including mail, telephone, email or text messages) about improved or any other services and products, provided by us, now or in the near future.

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Rates are in pence per minute. Calls are billed per minute rounded to the nearest penny, include VAT and are subject to change.
18866 calls are subject to a 5p connection fee.


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Your service is excellent and so easy to use. My wife calls me from the UK - I am in San Francisco - we talk for over an hour and a twenty four minutes and it you charged us just 85p! It is also great as friends can ring you at no cost to themselves so you can give friends access which is free to them, so they ring me more, and it costs me very little When are you going to offer such low cost calls in the UK? Thanks again - great service

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